LEVEL 1- Essential work with some intermediate exercises added. you have taken less than 10 sessions or you are working with an issue / injury. The jumpboard will not be required.

LEVEL 2 – Essential / intermediate work with some advanced exercise added. You have taken more than 10 sessions and you have previous experience with Pilates mat work or Pilates apparatus. Level 2 sessions often include work on the jumpboard (required). If injuries / physical limitations prevent jumpboard work, alternative exercises will be given.

LEVEL 2/3 – Intermediate with some advanced work. There will be increased repetitions, higher tension, pacing, & more complex choreography. Co-ordination, core strength, & balance will be key.

An exercise that is difficult for one person may be easy for another – often for reasons that have little to do with proficiency or experience in Pilates exercises, but with such factors as age, flexibility, strength, gender, and build. Sometimes, basing level on the number of years of experience can be an indicator, but this is misleading at times. A person can study the fundamental work for years and for reasons of restriction never go beyond that, yet that person may have integrated Pilates into her life and being in every sens of the word. Another person can perform the entire advanced repertoire beautifully, yet is simply performing choreography, and has not fully absorbed the system. Within each level there are many shades, so don’t get too stuck on the label.

“In youth, we dream that life is a straight line: Later, we know it to be a circle in which the present presses on the future and the future on the past.”

The Six Principles